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Amazing product with amazing benefits!

I purchased the soft gels with curcumin and the balm, much to my surprise within just a few minutes of applying the balm to my foot I had no more pain in my foot. I love the soft gels as well. After 3-5 days of taking these, the joint/muscle/nerve pain from fibromyalgia was not even noticeable. What really put it to the test was when it was cold and rainy.......even then no pain and I felt 10 years younger! I’m a believer !!!!!

CBD Drops helps with sleep

I love these drops,before using these I only slept a couple of hours at night,5 drops before bedtime and sleep 8 to 10 hrs at night,..

Works for more than pain

I used it on my hubbys neck and shoulders for pain, but noticed it also cleared up his skin!

The Balm is the Bomb

Just having hip replacement 3 months ago, the incision area still hurts for some reason. I rubbed the balm on it and within 10 minutes the pain was gone. I’m hooked.

Fantastic relief of pain

My husband and I have arthritis in our shoulders and hands. After rubbing this cream into our painful areas, almost instantly less painful. Works on each of us a different length of time, but on average 4 hours. My husband has bone on bone in his thumb and it helps alot and therefore postponed surgery!

Energetic and happy

My 11 yr old Skye terrier has spondylitis. She has been in pain and having trouble walking . I have already seen her run across the yard , play and have a lot of energy after just a week of using the CBD oil. I took her off her pain meds and she is still doing fine . Very pleased .

works wonders on my lower back! have referred all my friends.

Really works!

Love the balm and love that you can get unscented.
One of my favorite products!

10mg for Dad

My father is doing well with them he says they are helping him. He's bit more relaxed now hes 77 and he thinks a little clearer.

Amazing products!

My husband was so happy to open this today for Christmas. These products have been the only thing we have found that telly helps with his aches and pains. It has also done wonders for my anxiety. Shipped quickly!

The best!

Love it!

A good night's sleep with no pain or hangover

Great product! No hangover and no pain in my hip all night.

Great product

I have had trouble sleep more than 2 hours at a time due to increased stress and was told about this product. I have been taking it daily for over a week and I am sleeping at least 5 to 6 hours straight now and waking up feeling refreshed instead of tired. I am slowly noticing less joint pain as I continue with the product.


I have energy and clarity that seemed to be lacking before due to illness and pain has eased as well.

Good stuff

The hemp oil pain cream is my new best friend! It has eliminated the pain from nerve endings following surgery. Thank you!!

CBD vape oil

I started on TLS flavored drops the first of 2018 after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and it helped a lot. I have now moved on to my 2nd bottle of TLS CBD vape oil and love it. I use my vape oil/pen 3-6 x a day depending on my pain and it has been very helpful. I do still have pain but it is very manageable as long as I use the CBD. If I miss it or run out for a couple of days, I am very uncomfortable from the pain in my body.

I would, and do, recommend the Tree of Life Seeds brand to anyone who is looking for CBD products and I will continue to do so.

Good Value

I use the CBD oil every morning for neck and shoulder pain. It doesn’t get rid of my pain but it reduces it to a level that is tolerable (about 50%). I have tried other brands that did not work at all.

Great product! It’s my first time to try these and I love the results with them!

Very effective.

This works wonderfully on the go. It is just right if you need to alleviate anxiety or aches and pains quickly. As with many CBD vape oils, however, it is hard on prefabricated coils.

Very yummy spiced gum drops


love it cuts pain and stress

A topical that actually works.

I have chronic back and neck issues due to arthritis and I've tried just about all of the topicals and even the Lydocaine patch and ointment had no effect. The pain clinic prescribed powerful muscle relaxers and pain killers which helped a little, but I walked around like a zombie when I was taking them, provided I could even stay awake. The epidural injections were torture and they didn't help a lot. I'm diabetic and the steroids in the injection caused my blood sugar to spike at 500 and above. Someone told my wife about this at work and we decided to give it a try. To our surprise it actually helps! I still have a little pain but it works much better than the drugs with no side effects. When this runs out I will definitely be buying more.

CBD Oil Heals

My 82 year old father's colon cancer reocurred in March 2018, in a location that was unoperatable. Along with chemo/radiation he started taking the CBD oil for pain. While taking the treatments he did not have to take tylenol because of the CBD oil. His treatments ended in June, and he continued to take the CBD and is still on it daily. In August the tumor was gone. This stuff heals!